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simplicity. Excellence. zero exceptions.

We value simplicity, excellence, transparency, and honesty. Integrity dictates we take actions aligned with the best interests of our clients.

How do our Core Values align with your objectives?

We sit on the boards of Software tool manufactures, hold patents, win awards, and hold leadership positions in the worlds of Business Transformation, all developed out of the experience of IT being a constant driver of grown, efficiency, communication, and community. We bring that experience and that excellence to you at your level so you can understand it and make accurate and important decisions in your endeavors.

Born out of the intention of service and a request to assist organizations with their IT needs; honed over more than 3 decades of leadership and IT experience in Security, Networking, Software Engineering; nurtured by a commitment to Training, Excellence, and Transformative Leadership; 3-iT evolved the concept of IT-Zero. Simplicity. Bringing the transformative leadership philosophy to all it’s relationships.

One insight we operate based on is: IT cannot be treated as simply a cost center (or cost of doing business). We’re happy to jump on the phone and see if our unique view can assist in your current environment.

There’s not much we can’t assist you with in the world of IT. From assisting small businesses or non-profits (a very special place to us) with day to day IT operations; finding our clients excellent value for money and tools and processes that work, creating business or community building endeavors, to transformative consulting/audits of larger enterprises, to navigating the harrowing worlds of compliance, security, and IT insurance.

A few areas people tell us provide tremendous value:

  • Compliance / Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Purchasing Assistance
  • Top MSP Tools
  • Training / Infrastructure Assistance
  • Emmy Award winning Design / Branding
  • Campaigns/Webs/Social Media
  • Network and Help Desk Services
  • Software Development / Project Architecting
  • Network / End Point Design and Assistance

What areas would you like to speak with us about?


  • Executive / Board / CIO
  • Compliance
  • Architecting
  • Management
  • Conceptualization
  • Production Executives
  • Strategy / Branding / Social Media


  • Assessment
  • Development
  • Automation
  • Design
  • Review
  • Marketing / Testing / Campaigns
  • Video / Graphics / 3D Production


  • Networking
  • Tools
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Emmy Winning Videos, Graphics, Animations

Our core team of people are committed to performance, integrity, and excellence. Our track records show this. We have extensive experience in our respective areas spanning decades. We have tons of contacts that we have worked with to deliver whatever our clients need done (when it’s outside our direct experience or it makes more sense for our clients).

Find out what impact we could have today.